Can the home industry subvert the traditional business model?

Can the home industry subvert the traditional business model?

Accompanied by the gradual acceleration of the global economic integration process, cross-border collaboration before and after domestic and foreign cooperation has become more and more frequent, as has the occupation of home building materials. At the same time, the internal operating range of the home building materials company has gradually exhibited diversified features. In addition to household affairs, other related matters have gradually been included in the company's development planning. This kind of pan-home trend is becoming a more prominent trend in the home building materials profession.

Is pan-family overturning traditional commercial forms?

In 2015, the development of the home career has both traceable and discriminating factors. The Internet's impact on home careers, especially the impact and impact of the mobile Internet, has made it difficult for us to view this profession in terms of ordinary logical thinking. Despite the impact of the big economic environment, the overall development of the profession is relatively sluggish. However, is the company's intention to develop in a downturn environment is not able to make a slight impact on the adverse situation of the profession?

Can the home industry subvert the traditional business model?

In the past two years, the home store has been undergoing a transformation, introducing more business and diversifying operations: the store has been promoted to a large inductive body, and home life is the main function of civilization, leisure, and display. At a time when pan-family trends are becoming more pronounced, is this trend capable of overturning traditional forms of business?

Pan-family becomes home building materials professional development trend

Pan-home is originally referring to building materials decoration career, including furniture, flooring, building ceramics, sanitary ware, lighting, hardware and more than a dozen careers, and follow the needs of home improvement stores and continue to expand. However, today, following the changes in the shopping mall, Pan-Home is mainly referring to the pan-familyization of some furniture outlets. In addition to the plates of furniture, building materials, and accessories, it also introduces various other leisure and entertainment projects to achieve a non-domestic lifestyle. More than 40% of the shopping centers transformed into home-themed shopping malls. They use leisure and entertainment projects to power all stores.

The inquiry of China's Pan-Family Career Research Report reveals that the current sales of pan-family goods nationwide is becoming more and more regularized. In the face of plenty of shopping mall competitions, the boundaries of all occupations, shopping malls, and commodities can be broken, and major manufacturers are beginning to take off. Prepare to build an integrated home group and take the initiative to respond to the oncoming “big home” industry.

The pan-home form has a little dilemma

Because the industrial chain is complete, the company's new business form is gathered. At the same time, the land and manpower quotation is low, the service radius is small, the logistics thread is short, and there are few intermediate links from the manufacturer to the terminal shopping mall. The operating cost of the company is greatly reduced, and there will undoubtedly be significant Pulling down the offer of goods can effectively increase the competitiveness of shopping malls and stimulate spending potential.

The development of pan-homes is also obvious to all. First, although large-scale shopping malls have rich experience in operation and management, they do not constitute a clearer idea of ​​blending with other business conditions. On the other hand, competitions with other large-scale commercial entities are very complex. Fiercely, because of the connection between the land rent and other cities, the participation of commercial bodies in foreign cities has pushed up the threshold of all occupations.

At present, as far as all shopping malls are concerned, the Pan-Professional career is currently still operating in cross-border operations, and there is no such thing as success. For instance, how can Pan-Furniture attract people? What kind of creativity should satisfy the needs of the shopping mall? To the national policy is skewed, down to the integration of resources for each production line. Home building materials companies are brave enough to explore new forms in the process of development. However, they need to bear the examination of the mall during the process of new ideas.

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