Eight key points to choose for access control

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This article mainly explains the eight key points of the choice of access control system, "strong stability, strong anti-destructive ability, excellent compatibility, flexible scalability and economy, powerful software management functions, easy maintenance, specified by the manufacturer. Agents buy mature brand products, product appearance "Keep in mind these eight major points, hit the world invincible.
Eight key points to choose for access control
First, strong stability
“Stability” is the first principle of choice for access control systems. It should consider the mature products that are world-leading as far as possible. It has been certified by many authorities and has many typical users. It has been operating normally for many years and is highly recognized in the industry.
In terms of hardware, the device from the controller to the terminal is a mature and stable product. As the core of the system, the access controller needs to support the offline working mode. It must use a non-volatile memory chip such as flash. The power loss or impact information will not be lost. Server and terminal identification device failure does not affect the normal operation of the system
As the management software supported by the system, it should have a stable and reasonable database structure design, and use real-time polling mode with the hardware to maintain and monitor the hardware communication connection and enquiry, and complete the data integrity, reliability and consistency.
Second, strong resistance to damage
The access control system is used to protect people and property, so the system itself must be safe. The high security mentioned here refers to the natural or quasi-natural nature of the product or system. It should ensure the safety of equipment and system operation and the safety of the operator. For example, the equipment and the system itself must be resistant to high temperature and low temperature. Damp heat, and can prevent static electricity, anti-interference, etc.; on the other hand, access control and security systems should also have the function of preventing human damage, such as: with tamper alarm.
Third, excellent compatibility
In order to facilitate future upgrades, expansion, and anti-interference considerations, it is recommended to select terminal identification devices that comply with international standards, rather than the compatibility as wide as possible. Some formats have some advantages in part, but they do not conform to international standards. They will cause troubles for future upgrades, expansions, and anti-interference. They should adhere to the principle of “practical, stable, and standards-compliant”.
Fourth, flexible scalability and economy
It is recommended that the registration card permissions need to reach 30,000, which can be suitable for most customers' storage capacity requirements, facilitating attendance statistics and enterprise scale expansion. The main equipment should adopt modular design and adopt advanced wiring method. It can realize future system expansion through software and hardware upgrades, without having to make too much changes to the system, maximizing the economic principle, and the product should be cost-effective.
Five, powerful software management functions
With the wider application range of the access control system, it is required to implement the linkage control function with other systems such as attendance management, security alarm, parking lot control, elevator control, consumption management, CCTV linkage, online patrol, etc., so the system software should have video. Interface and support for extended functionality.
Six, easy to maintain
The system should be easy to install and configure, simple to use, and have a unified network management capability for easy maintenance.
7. Purchase mature brand products at the factory-designated agents
Mature brands can guarantee a perfect service system. This includes two aspects: first, project implementation technical support and thoughtful after-sales service; second, reliable follow-up research and development capabilities to ensure continuity and compatibility between new and old products.
Buying from agents can have reliable quality and perfect service. Buying from other channels may have lower prices, but technical support and after-sales service may not be enough.
Eight, product appearance
With the improvement of people's aesthetic standards, while pursuing functional and practical, it can be used as one of the reference standards in order to realize the additional functions of visual enjoyment.

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