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As we all know, the role of undercoating in the construction of epoxy floor paint is very important. Under normal circumstances, if the undercoating is not done well, the quality of the floor will be greatly reduced, and the appearance of epoxy floor foam will fall off. . Qijia Xiaobian here to introduce you to the epoxy floor paint construction process and precautions.

First, epoxy floor paint construction process

1, processing:

1 Based on plain ground or grindstone ground;

If the soil is required to be kept for more than 28 days, the water content must be less than 8% before the construction site can be removed if it is uneven or empty.

3 Fill the ground with epoxy mortar;

4 The oil stains on the plain must be cleaned thoroughly;

5 The construction site should be kept dry and clean before construction.

2, base coating:

1Before construction, keep it clean. If there is debris, remove it and remove it. Mix the main agent and hardener in the correct proportion. Stir thoroughly.

2 It is necessary to adjust the proper viscosity depending on the conditions of the ground to complete the material within 4 hours.

3 Undercoat health hardening time is about 8 hours or more.

3, middle coating

1Before the construction, it needs to be kept clean. If any foreign matter adheres, it needs to be removed. Mix the main agent and hardener according to the correct proportion and mix thoroughly.

2 Add the amount of resin to be mixed into the quartz sand;

3 Use a file to evenly coat the material;

4Complete materials must be completed within 30 minutes;

5 Construction handover office should be well handled;

6 coating health hardening time of about 8 hours or more.

4, approved soil layer

1 Mix the main agent and hardener in the correct proportion and mix thoroughly;

2 Use a knife to spread the material evenly;

3 Complete the material within 30 minutes after mixing;

4 batch soil hardening time is about 8 hours or more;

5 As the actual needs of the construction of a number of requirements to achieve a smooth hole, no batch knife and sand grinding prevail.


5, surface coating

1 It needs to be kept clean before construction.

2 Mix the main agent before use;

3 Mix the main agent and hardener in the correct proportion and mix thoroughly;

4 Use a roller or a trowel to evenly coat the material and complete the material within 30 minutes.

5The junction of the construction needs to be handled well;

6 After the completion of the construction, the person will be available 24 hours later, and the weight will be applied only after 7 days (according to 250C, the opening time at low temperature needs to be appropriately extended).

Second, epoxy floor paint construction matters needing attention

1. The substrate-good substrate is the guarantee of good epoxy floor coating work. We suggest that our technical experts go to the site to guide the construction when the floor is painted, so as to avoid poor substrate effect, resulting in epoxy Floor paint coating effect is not good.

2. Materials—Ethnic floor paint materials used must be strictly inspected and configured. All incoming materials must be checked to prevent the use of substandard products.

3. Tools—Must use high quality rollers, spray guns, paint brushes, textured paper, and other tools and auxiliary equipment to avoid quality problems caused by poor tools.

4. Personnel—Skills must be provided for each construction worker. Scientific construction steps for epoxy floor. Each construction person should be familiar with the technical indicators and construction methods familiar with the construction process. Absolutely no blind construction or brutal operation is allowed. It is necessary to have more than three years of work experience when applying topcoats.

5, construction temperature ≥ 5 °C, in order to <5 °C construction, use a special formula. Humidity is recommended for construction below 75%.

6. Ensure air circulation during construction. Do not exceed 30 minutes when modulating usage.

7, the construction process to do maintenance work, to avoid intrusion of dust, debris, affect the paint effect.

8. After the construction is completed, it needs to be maintained for at least 7 days before it can be put into use. During the period of conservation, in particular, there must be no infiltration of water or various solutions.

9. Do not mix in other paints.

10. The curing agent must be added in strict accordance with the prescribed ratio.

11. Keep the surface of the object to be cleaned. The moisture content of the object must be less than 7%.

12. Keep the painting environment clean, and it is forbidden to construct in a dusty environment.

Summary: The above is related to the introduction of epoxy floor paint construction , and I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about Epoxy Floor Paint, you can pay attention to this site decoration information channel.

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