Panasonic smart lock prices - Panasonic smart lock price is how much money

Panasonic home appliances have also entered the era of intelligence. More and more Smart Home products are beginning to enter our lives. In particular, Panasonic intelligent door locks can be said to occupy the market rapidly in the past two years. Because there are brand foundations that were laid before the home appliance, sales of this product are astonishing. As for the reason for this, let's take a look at Panasonic's Smart Lock prices and you will know

Panasonic Smart Door Lock prices

Panasonic fingerprint lock V-M781C electronic lock smart lock code lock reference price 2499 yuan

Panasonic Electronic Lock V-M680L Smart Touch Code Lock

Reference price 2299 yuan

Panasonic V-M311CJ Smart Fingerprint Touch Control

Reference price 2199 yuan

Panasonic Electronic Lock V-M311C Smart Fingerprint Touch Code Lock

Reference price 2199 yuan

Panasonic Electronic Lock V-M680F Smart Fingerprint Lock

Reference price 2680 yuan

Panasonic V-M311C Electronic Lock Slide Fingerprint Lock Home Security Door Lock

Reference price 2499 yuan

Panasonic V-N620C Electronic Lock Slide Fingerprint Lock

Reference price 3499 yuan


Panasonic Smart Door Lock Features

Intelligent door control device LCD screen, full Chinese menu operation interface, lock body two-way bolt, three main bolts, automatic pop-up lock body, to prevent the "unlock door lock" phenomenon of false lock external slide cover protection keys and swipe area, Anti-peep 64-bit virtual password function, effectively protect the security of the password, the world hook automatic linkage lock, fake lock alarm, anti-cock 80 decibel alarm, can query 1024 open records.

product features

1. Real name registration, independent password

2.· Can store 80 fingerprints

3.·Three ways to unlock the password, fingerprint and mechanical key

4 professional fingerprint algorithm, intelligent repair customer fingerprint

Any brand of smart door locks is now a hot product. If you are still bothering to find the key, then it is better to choose a suitable smart lock.

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