Prevent formaldehyde pollution hazards

Control the source of formaldehyde pollution: Select qualified environmentally friendly building materials to prevent indoor air pollution during the decoration process, first of all to control from the source. The use of decoration materials that meet the national standards and have less pollution is an effective measure to reduce the content of toxic and harmful gases in the room. For example, the selection of paints and adhesives that meet environmental requirements, non-polluting or less polluting materials can greatly reduce the formaldehyde content in indoor air; the purchase and use of specially baked wood products can also effectively reduce the release of formaldehyde. .

Why is there no problem with formaldehyde in ancient furniture? Because wood is generally transported by water, the water will adsorb a large amount of formaldehyde, and it will also be fully baked, which will help the volatilization of harmful gases. And modern furniture? The logs are transported in closed containers. After being transported to the furniture factory, the manufacturers generally consider the furniture output, and do not specifically bake the wood. In order to be able to leave the factory, a large amount of adhesive will be used, making the formaldehyde difficult to volatilize. It is easy to cause air pollution after returning home.

Simple decoration: avoid the superposition of pollution. This over-renovation is not necessary. Once the quality of the bunker in the lower layer is present, toxic and harmful gases such as formaldehyde will spread and release through the upper solid wood floor. At that time, regardless of replacement or dismantling, the consumer spent

The decoration of family rooms should be based on practicality and simplicity, and over-decoration may lead to the superposition effect of pollution. For example, when some consumers lay solid wood flooring for new homes, they also need to add a layer of blockboard underneath, in order to make the floor more flat and feel better when pedaling. From the perspective of environmental protection, this will be very high.

Some families also like to put a variety of wall coverings and wallpaper on the wall to make the room more beautiful, but it is also easy to cause formaldehyde to exceed the standard. why? Because the wall covering and wallpaper need a lot of glue, it is not only bad for the volatilization of toxic and harmful gases in paints and paints, but will also adsorb some toxic and harmful gases. Moreover, during the renovation, some decoration companies will send some glue to the customers. Some consumers think that they are cheap, but in fact some of the glue quality is not too hard, and the damage is even greater after use.

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Label: Prevent formaldehyde pollution hazard

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