PU Stadium runway in construction should pay attention to what details

In ancient times, there was a story: a blacksmith hit a nail, but the nails were not enough heat, but he did not carelessly hand over the army to complete the army's mission. The army then nailed the nail to the saddle, and finally The saddle broke when the horse sent the military, and intelligence did not go to the war. This story is not an exaggeration. The thing is this: a bad nail has broken a war.
This story tells us how important the details are. Especially for the construction of the project is particularly important, the details determine the success or failure, Henggu floor found that the silicon PU course in the construction due to some easily overlooked small details did not handle well, leading to post-project quality problems. The implementation of the field construction team is responsible for the quality of the entire site. Therefore, the Henggu floor once again introduces us to the details that are most easily overlooked in the construction of the silicon PU stadium. We need to pay attention to the construction of the silicon PU course. The following three points:
1. PU runway has outdoor and indoor runways. Usually there are many outdoor ones. Attention should be paid to the interior of the PU runway. The air circulation must be ensured during on-site construction. Even if the paint is environmentally friendly, the smell is still relatively large. Some may also add thinner material to the inside. Therefore, on-site construction workers wear pig masks when necessary.
2. Since the material of the silicon PU course is a kind of flammable material, it must be reminded that on-site construction personnel should not smoke when constructing, so as to avoid fire accidents caused by fire on site and cause casualties and property losses.
3, to ensure that on-site construction personnel have professional knowledge, on-site construction personnel must carry out rigorous training in the construction unit, each construction personnel must have received such professional knowledge before they can carry out silicon PU stadium construction. Under normal circumstances, construction personnel must undergo a variety of fire safety, anti-electricity, anti-virus and other safety education and related risk response techniques before they can officially conduct on-site construction. The master teacher has reminded and takes the lead in certain situations.
4. During the construction of the PU course runway, construction must be carried out in strict accordance with the construction procedures. Don't overlook every detail, strive to be perfect, and grasp the quality of the project.
Before the construction of the PU stadium runway, the construction personnel only pay attention to the above 4 details to give Party A a satisfactory “test paper”.

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