Sany environmental dump trucks are favored by users once they are listed.

As the saying goes, "Golden Cup Silver Cup is not as good as the user's reputation". A new generation of environmentally-friendly intelligent dump truck jointly developed by Changsha Municipal Government and Sany Heavy Industry has been unanimously recognized by industry customers. What technical advantages and highlights does Sany Environmental Intelligent Dump Truck use to impress users? Today, please follow the author to visit the first users of Sany "Environmental Man" and listen to their feelings of use.

Changsha Fangzhong Muck Transportation Co., Ltd. is a well-known local waste transportation enterprise in Changsha. It currently has more than 80 muck dump trucks. This year, the company became the first customer of Sany Dump Truck and purchased three Sany environmental protection intelligent dump trucks. Since its inception, Fangzhong Muck Transportation Company has become more trusting in Sany products. Company boss Xiao Simei said: "The Sany dump truck continues the high quality of Sany products."

Fangzhong Cinder Company has used many brands of muck transportation equipment. As the company's business volume grows, the demand for new equipment increases. Before Sany did not introduce the muck dump truck, although he did not directly contact the products of Sany, Xiao Simei had heard about the leading engineering machinery company that was born in Hunan. This year, when he learned that Sany also launched the environmentally-friendly intelligent dregs dump truck, he took the Trinity product into the equipment purchase list with a try.

"To tell the truth, when I chose the Sany product, I didn't know what I was. I just listened to friends in the industry and said that the Sany mixer was doing quite well." Xiao Simei said, "Now, my concern at the time was completely Excessive, Sany products make me feel relieved." According to him, Sany environmental protection intelligent dump trucks meet the relevant national regulations, not only the product performance is stable, the driver's operating comfort is greatly improved, but also fuel-efficient, saving the company's operating costs. The good performance of the Sany environmental protection intelligent dump truck in the use of Fangzhong Glutinous Company has made Xiao Simei firmly determined that his decision to choose Sany products is correct.

Zhang Kejun, the head of Sanyi Environmental Intelligent Dump Truck Project and the president of Huqi Research Institute, introduced that Sany Dump Truck has double optimization in power combination and vehicle weight. On the one hand, through digital simulation and experiment, the optimal matching of the power system is achieved, and the overall fuel consumption is lower. On the other hand, through the structural optimization, lightweight design and bench test, the Sany special pump truck boom is made of high-strength wear-resistant light. The quality steel plate reduces the vehicle's own weight and the fuel consumption is 3%-8% lower than similar products.

New industry standards will replace vintage mucks

Xiao Simei said that the company will gradually phase out the old-fashioned dump truck, and the Sany dump truck will become his first choice. “Although the price of Sany products is higher than that of similar products, from the perspective of input-output ratio, Sany’s products are the most cost-effective.” In addition, Xiao Simei also praised Sany’s after-sales service, he said. "Taiyi attaches great importance to user experience and opinions, and our feedback suggestions can be answered in a timely and satisfactory manner."

Recently, the capital cities of major centers have introduced new standards for muck trucks and detailed management implementation methods, and increased the comprehensive management of muck trucks. The implementation of the new standard will inevitably require the upgrading of muck truck products to the direction of “more environmentally friendly, safer and easier to manage”. The environmental protection and intelligence of the muck is the general trend. Obviously, old-fashioned mucks are no longer able to adapt to modern management requirements. The relevant person in charge of the Changsha Slag Office told the author: "The old-fashioned muck has the unscientific closed device, the exhaust emission is not up to standard, the illegal modification is more common, and the electronic police are difficult to capture, which causes the muck truck driver to overload and speed." The ban on violations is outstanding. This year the government will make great efforts to withdraw the old-fashioned muck from the market."

According to Zhang Kejun, the Sany Dump Truck is equipped with the Beidou Intelligent Operation System to implement the post responsibility system for one driver, one card and one driver. At the same time, the top cover tarpaulin adopts the leading hydraulic drive and has the automatic forced sealing function. When the heavy truck is not closed, the vehicle emits an audible and visual alarm, and the photo uploading platform is supervised to curb the problems of super high and leakage. With the environmental protection and safety functions that old-fashioned muck trucks do not have, the “Green Man” Sany Dump Truck undoubtedly has great market potential and the sales prospects are bright.

Global hardware network

Concerned about surprises

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