Short circuit of the role and use of grounding cable should pay attention to matters

Short-circuit the grounding wire, and the grounding wire is a safety barrier for the maintenance personnel. It is the lifeline of power employees and can prevent sudden calls from harming the human body. However, in practical work, due to the frequent use of grounding wires and the seemingly simple operation, people are prone to paralysis. Their importance is often neglected. Incorrect use often occurs, which reduces or sometimes even loses the safety of grounding wires. The protection must be given enough attention.

Hanging the grounding wire is an important electrical safety technical measure. The operation process should be serious, serious, and in line with technical specifications. It must not be careless. Therefore, we must correctly use the grounding wire, standardize the behavior of hanging and dismantling the grounding wire, consciously cultivate rigorous safety work styles, and improve our own safety standards. Only in this way can we avoid hidden dangers beyond a thousand miles to avoid electrical accidents caused by grounding wires. .

According to the use of the grounding wire in actual work, the following matters should be noted:

1. The ground wire must be checked before working. Whether the soft copper wire is broken or not, whether the screw connection is loose or not, and whether the elastic force of the wire hook is normal, and if it does not meet the requirements, it should be replaced or repaired before use.

2. Before the grounding wire is hung, the power must be checked beforehand. The untested grounding wire is the more common customary violation behavior in the grass-roots level. The grounding wire body cannot be in contact with the body when it is suspended.

3. The grounding wires are suspended at both ends of the work site to prevent users from being able to reverse power or inductive power. There are many examples of injuries.

4. When the grounding pile is used, it is necessary to dial the physical ability to quickly clear the accidental large current and ensure the grounding quality.

5. Care for the ground wire. The grounding wire must not be twisted during use. When not in use, the soft copper wire should be properly grounded. After the grounding wire is dismantled, it must not be dropped from the air or thrown anywhere. It must be transmitted by ropes and attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the grounding wire.

6. The new staff must be trained and learned about the use of the grounding cable. After passing the assessment, they can only be engaged in grounding line operation or use.

7. According to different voltage levels select the corresponding specifications of the ground wire.

8. It is forbidden to use other metal wires instead of ground wires.

9. Work on the site must not be less ground wire or unauthorized change in the ground wire location.

10. The grounding wire is double-sided. It has a safe function. If it is used improperly, it will also have a destructive effect. Therefore, the grounding wire must be removed in time when the work is completed. Switching with a grounding wire can damage the electrical equipment and damage the stability of the power grid, which can lead to serious and vicious electrical accidents.


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