Smart toilet quote why so smart toilet should be how to clean

As technology continues to innovate, there are a variety of smart products on the market. In order to meet people's needs, toilets have also begun to produce smart products. We must know that no matter what kind of products, more functions will affect price. The following Xiao Bian will tell you about why the price of smart toilets is so high and how intelligent toilets should be cleaned.

Why smart toilet quote so high

1 , quality

In fact, we all know that to know that the market price of the product is also divided into several categories, where the difference is mainly depends on the quality of your choice of products is good or bad, then we take the price of smart toilet to compare, in general If the quality is better, its price will be higher, so we must understand that this is a price and a price.

2, function

Compared with the price, it can be said that this is also very important, that is, from the perspective of the function of the product, then as long as you compare it and found that some functions are complete, for example, like some of the more functional technology, then it The price will be higher. If there are not many features, its price will be lower, so we must not ignore the function when choosing.

3, brand

In many fields, it can be said that this is also a factor of great price. For example, the price of some famous brands will definitely be higher. This mainly depends on the materials you use, the production process, and the after-sales services. Will affect the price, in general, like big brand products can provide better service.

How smart toilets should be cleaned

1, on the machine and the lower body

When you first clean the machine and disassemble it from the lower body, you only need to gently lift the machine so that you can easily remove it and disconnect it from the water source and the power supply.

2. Ontology

First of all, it is necessary to separate the seat and seat cover according to the correct method, so as to completely clean the contaminated site. When cleaning, be sure to remember to wring it out with a soft cloth to wipe it. Do not wipe it with detergent or medicine, or damage the parts.

3, filter

When dirt is clogged in the water filter, this time may result in insufficient flush pressure, so be sure to clean it regularly.

Cleaning steps: 1, we must remember to close the water valve; 2, but also use a special tool to unscrew the drainage network; 3, with a toothbrush or a small brush to clean the dirt on it.

4, spout

Be sure to remember to press the "head cleaning" button, this time there will be water overflow around the nozzle, remember to use a hand to pull the nozzle and grip, so that the nozzle can clean the nozzle, but also use some soft cloth to wash with water After cleaning, the stop button is almost the same, then the water spray will stop.

5, cleaning deodorant box and deodorant suction mouth

If there is odor, then it is necessary to change the deodorant; deodorant and deodorant inhaling dust on the mouth, then it will reduce its air intake, so be sure to remember to use a toothbrush or a small brush to clean it .

Summary: As to why the price of smart toilets is so high and how smart toilets should be cleaned, we must know that the factors affecting the price of smart toilets are still relatively high. Therefore, you must make a budget in advance before you choose. The price is suitable for you.

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