Summer decoration of those you do not know the benefits of

Summer is the off-season period of renovations. Many homeowners will not choose summer decoration, and worry that materials and construction will be affected by high temperatures and humidity. However, in fact, summer decoration has many advantages. As long as it avoids the problems that easily arise in summer decoration, you can gain a lot of benefits by avoiding weaknesses.

Summer decoration can be selected to the best worker master

In the summer off-season, many construction masters are idle, and good craftsmen can pick you up at this time. Many companies also take this time to rectify military forces and horses, take advantage of the off-season to do a few good projects, and prepare for the work before the peak season.

Summer season off-season offers a lot

The high temperatures in summer make the decoration into the off-season, so many decoration companies will engage in many promotions in order to attract business, not only on the price but also on the benefits of gifts.

Summer renovation period is short

The summer daytime is long and the work hours of the decoration workers are relatively longer, so it is also helpful to speed up the progress of the project and shorten the construction period.

Formaldehyde is more easily found in summer decoration

Many decoration materials contain formaldehyde, which is why we are now pursuing environmental protection. Summer is the season to expedite the release of harmful substances such as formaldehyde in the air. Formaldehyde has no place to hide. If the construction team uses inferior materials such as glue, it can be roughly judged by the nose. Materials with strong pungent smells will also be found. Was identified.

Summer decoration pipe flexibility is more conducive to construction

The flexibility of PP-R pipes in summer has also become very good and it is not easy to break. If the winter PP-R pipe is fragile when the temperature is lower than 5 degrees, breaking it will affect the construction effect and increase the loss of the owner. But don't worry about this problem in the summer.

Summer decoration has problems soon

After the completion of the summer renovation, it entered the fall, the temperature changed in the autumn, and the air was dry. The projects with more problems would be more reflected, such as the increase in the gap between the wooden floor and the cracking of the wallpaper. The owner can promptly find out the hidden dangers of renovation and construction problems and timely repair and investigate.

Summer decoration knowledge

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