The beauty of the colors scattered 9 paragraphs of geometric carpet appreciation

Speaking of carpets, isn't there a variety of warm and colorful scenes in your mind? In fact, the choice of carpet should be determined by the overall design style of the home space. If you do not like the rugged carpet design, then some of the personality The pattern may meet your needs. Xiaobian also collected a lot of geometrically shaped carpets. The effect is also very good. Let's take a look.

The blue carpet with white square lines is not special in terms of design alone, but the pure blue carpet can play a color effect in the home space, and is good at creating exotic style, suitable for use in aisles and Corridor, guide effect is great.

The overall design of a maze-like rug, and a single sofa with the same design style will make people feel that these two types of collocation are just perfect. If you don't want to spend too much time decorating your home, stylish carpets are also indispensable.

The combination of a light blue cabinet and a toned hexagonal carpet can reflect the shades of different shades. The geometric patterned rug can give the home a high-efficiency aesthetic and fully embody the fashion elements and multicolored oil paintings. Fluorescent gradient carpets are available for purchase.

Dark-toned walls and deep-tone rugs do create a perfect echo. Neat patterns and simple combinations make this carpet look very special. If you don't like the colorful combination, this plain rug is also good.

The carpet is decorated on the wall is also a personalized design, black background, gray and yellow color overlay, carpet suede texture is full, more than the average wall cloth, etc. is more tactile. This is the advantage of this carpet Where

The simple combination of triangles completes the design of the entire carpet in the form of a hit-and-miss color. The colorfulness also makes the spatial vision very personal. If you match any one of these shades of furniture, the effect will be good.

This carpet is also decorated on the wall. The effect of multi-color combination adds a lot of vitality to the interior. If you like this design, you can also buy a same product with a black striped sofa. taste.


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