Wang Ji mahogany takes you to understand the blessing culture

Wang Ji mahogany takes you to understand the blessing culture

The Chinese are very particular about auspicious culture and have a special liking for the word "fu".
Historically, literati bachelors have also interpreted the word "fu" differently, extending the meaning of happiness, longevity, wealth, and health, creating the unique Chinese cultural system-"fu" culture. As a part of auspicious culture, it is still active in all aspects of our lives.
Among the many items with Chinese characteristics, mahogany furniture, as a representative of Chinese furniture, is the carrier of traditional Chinese culture and the exhibitor of Fu culture. It shows the vitality and charm of Fu culture from the four aspects of shape, material, art and rhyme, and it entrusts people's beautiful longing.
"Blessing Culture" in the Shape
"Fu culture" has a profound influence on the design concept of mahogany furniture. For example, Ming-style furniture represents the combination of the square and the circle of the circle chair. There are squares in the circle and squares in the square. The circle symbolizes harmony and happiness, and the square represents stability and integrity. It fully represents the Chinese “fu culture”. The essence of thought.
Another example is the representative throne of the court furniture. The thick base and the exquisite and complicated decoration unreservedly highlight the rich temperament and mighty status of the emperor. Happiness, harmony, wealth, these are the unique qualities that "fu" acts on mahogany furniture.
The humanistic value of mahogany furniture is prominent, and the structure, shape and size ratio are also very particular. There are certain rules on how to design the armrest lines, how to measure the backboard curvature, and how to make the legs and feet curves.

As a daily necessity, the first function of mahogany furniture is nothing more than practical. Therefore, many classic mahogany furniture such as circle chairs meet the scientific design requirements from the perspective of ergonomics and according to the proportion of human functions, reflecting the beauty of mahogany furniture. Harmony with comfort. From the details of the lines to the overall shape, it gives people a sense of stability or simplicity and smoothness.
"Fu Culture" in the material
Health is a blessing, and people are willing to spend money to buy mahogany furniture, partly because of the pursuit of its health and no chemical pollution.
The health care elements in the mahogany material play a very beneficial role in human health.
Among the many redwoods, Hainan Huanghua Pear is the most beneficial to the body and mind. According to the "Compendium of Materia Medica", Hainan Huanghua Pear has the effect of lowering blood pressure, blood lipids and relaxing muscles and promoting blood circulation. . The "wood oxygen" released by red sandalwood repeatedly rubbing can calm the mind and have a special effect on skin repair.
Only the wealthy body can be the material of happiness. The mahogany ground is hard, elegant in color and fine in texture. Most of it grows in the deep forests of tropical or subtropical areas. It absorbs the essence of the sun and the moon and absorbs the spirits of mountains and waters.
In addition, there is also a saying among consumers: "Put it, you need to put ebony; sleep, you want to sleep red sandalwood; sit, you have to sit on rosewood; utensils, you need to use chicken wing wood." Obviously, mahogany furniture is not only a cultural product, but also a health product.
"Fu culture" in craft
The second function of Wangji mahogany furniture is aesthetics. As a special piece of art, the mahogany furniture uses various craftsmanship in the modeling and decoration, and integrates Chinese traditional cultural elements, making the furniture richer and more pleasing.
"Fu", a unique cultural form, was released on mahogany furniture. Although the word "Fu" did not appear directly on the mahogany furniture as the main body of decoration, a large number of carvings with the theme of "Fu" occupied a place.
For example, peony symbolizes "wealth and wealth", pomegranate symbolizes "many children", bat symbolizes "blessing", magpie symbolizes "festival", fish symbolizes "richness" ...
These carvings representing various auspicious symbols engraved on the surface of the furniture not only served as decorative embellishments, but also expressed people's yearning and pursuit of happiness, and added auspicious symbols to the mahogany furniture.
In addition, modern mahogany furniture also incorporates Fu elements into the product's name and positioning, such as Fuguixianghe sofa, Four Seasons Ruyi Study Room, Reunion Reunion Zodiac Round Table, Yingfu Dressing Table, Ganoderma lucidum, etc., to contain a good meaning The text, or the good things from real life to decorate the product.

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