What are the main points of stone paving?

As a kind of new decorative building materials, stone has already entered indoor decoration and decoration. However, if the decorative effect of stone after decoration can last for a long time and is environmentally friendly, then we must pay attention to some major matters in the paving process, so as to ensure What is the installation effect, and what points should the stone pay attention to during the paving process?

The main points of attention for stone paving are:

1. The base treatment should be clean. The unevenness should be leveled and repaired first. The base should be clean. There should be no mortar, especially white ash mortar, oil stains, etc., and the ground should be wet with water, but it should not be poured too much water.

2. Before the paving, the plates will be tried and matched, and the flowers, the colors and the numbers will be the same.

3, the stone must be soaked in water and dry, so as not to affect its condensation hardening, the occurrence of empty drums, shelling and other issues.

4. When paving stone and porcelain bricks, standard blocks must be placed. Standard blocks should be placed at the intersection of crosshairs and installed diagonally.

5, the paving operation should be lined up in each row, the stone must be soaked in water, wipe the back after drying.

6. The maintenance of stone and porcelain bricks after paving is very important. After 24 hours of installation, it must be sprinkled with water for maintenance. After the towel is finished, cover the sawdust for maintenance.

7. After the paving is completed, it is not allowed to be employed within 2~3 days.

In short, in the process of paving stone and after paving, it is necessary to strictly follow the above points of attention, in order to ensure the decorative effect of the indoor paving stone and the stability of subsequent use performance.

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Label: What are the main points of stone paving?

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