What is the price of scale pine furniture?

The scale has always been the benchmark of pine furniture brand. Its quality has been praised by all walks of life from quality to reputation. The price of scale pine furniture has always been the object of everyone's attention. The following is the price of pine furniture. .


Scale pine furniture brand introduction

Since its establishment four years ago, the “Scale” pine furniture company has four branches, nearly 1,000 employees, more than 50 college graduates, and its products are sold to more than 200 cities across the country, with annual sales of nearly 100 million yuan. The company has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification and national famous brand system certification and national environmental certification.

"Scale" pine furniture is made of Russian imported Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica. The surface is used to prevent the use of finger joints to minimize harmful gas hazards. The handle adopts a grooved design, and the surface of the furniture has no metal traces. The fitting adopts the domestic first hardware brand DTC, and the surface coating adopts matt nitrocellulose lacquer to keep the natural color of the wood clear and natural, and the lines are smooth. With the increasing emphasis on environmental protection and consumption, and focusing on product quality and environmental performance, the characteristics of pine furniture are natural, stable and casual, and the price is more suitable for the mass economy. Therefore, pine furniture was designated as “environmental furniture” by the United Nations Department of Humanities.

Scale pine furniture prices

The price of scale pine furniture, the average size of the pine bed home is about two thousand; the average price of children's pine furniture is about 25,000; the price of a good scale pine bookcase will be slightly more expensive, the price is about 3,000; other Some of the small pieces of furniture like chairs, bedside tables, chests, etc. are generally less than a thousand. Overall, the price is much cheaper than other pine furniture.

Scale pine furniture

Scale pine furniture is one of the top ten brands of Chinese pine furniture. Due to its fine workmanship and natural materials, it was rated as the first furniture brand in the national pine wood furniture evaluation in 2008-2009. Consumers favor the scale pine furniture, feel satisfied after purchasing and recommending friends and relatives to buy, many repeat customers.

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