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Abstract Wang Guangzu's May 3, 2015, the relationship between the five sands and the four sands is the youthful years of the fifty-nine years of flashing. Now the same year, the same scientific research front, the development of the same person, the same way, the success of the same battle, the success of the same battle, the comrades, the hard work of the people Dedicated to the enthusiasm of the two emotions...
Wang Guangzu
May 3, 2015
Five or six knots four sands are worthy of youth
Fifty-nine years of flashing
Develop the human drill side by side with the same scientific research front
Achieving a successful battle with like-minded people
The same trench, comrades, comrades, and people
Dedication to unite the emotions
The same life of the three-year-old brothers
The power of covalent bonding is tightly connected for a lifetime
Creating a super-hard work record is remarkable
The foundation construction industry is watered with sweat
Xia Xiong driving the crane west to the younger brother
I hope that Jun will go all the way and remember my heart.

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