Why hold a Suzhou Furniture Fair?

On December 10, 2010, Suzhou Furniture Fair held the first investment promotion meeting of 2011 Suzhou Furniture Fair in Ningbo Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel. The meeting achieved great success with the strong support of Ningbo Furniture Chamber of Commerce and the enthusiastic participation of local enterprises. On the same day, more than 20 furniture companies including Mengshen, Omori, Haofeng and Daliang attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Yang Junyuan, Secretary General of Ningbo Furniture Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. Zhao Yixue, founder of Suzhou Furniture Fair.
Zhao Yixue: Why should we hold the Suzhou Furniture Fair?
"Why should I hold the Suzhou Furniture Exhibition"? This is the first question thrown by Mr. Zhao Yixue after he took office. He said: "A few years ago, I was the first general manager of the investment promotion department of Yuexing Furniture. I often went to major domestic exhibitions to see exhibitions. I saw many furniture companies in East China dragging their products to participate in Guangzhou. Go to Shenzhen to participate in the exhibition, go to Beijing to participate in the exhibition. But in the end, I was still looking for a distributor in East China, shaking hands with my colleagues in East China. "How could this be? Such a large furniture industry group in East China has no exhibition of its own. This phenomenon disappointed Zhao Yixue at that time. So he felt painful and decided to do his own exhibition in East China. This also formed Zhao Yixue's initial motivation for the Suzhou Furniture Fair.
He analyzed the current status of domestic exhibitions. Most of them are leading brands, and medium-sized companies are often quiet and unknown. The majority of mid-stream furniture companies lack a display platform. Seeing this opportunity, he prepared the initial positioning prototype for Suzhou Furniture Fair, that is, let mid-stream become the mainstream and let the middle become the backbone! And this concept has continued to this day, and practice has so far.
At the meeting, Mr. Zhao Yixue promised: "We will strive to use five years to transform the Suzhou Furniture Exhibition into a large-scale exhibition in East China and even the whole country, to add a backbone to the Chinese furniture industry." The exhibition is not one day or two days, nor is it one session or two sessions. If we want to continue for a long time, we must be down to earth, one step at a time, can not make jokes with ourselves. Exhibitors are responsible. Therefore, since the establishment of Suzhou Furniture Fair, we only do two things every day: find sellers for buyers and find buyers for sellers!

Zhao Yixue: Why choose Suzhou Furniture Fair?
Why choose Suzhou Furniture Fair? What makes Suzhou Furniture Fair popular with many domestic furniture companies? At the scene, Mr. Zhao Yixue used a simple and obvious comparison method to explain that Suzhou Furniture Fair is the most worthy exhibition for mid-tier companies. He said: "In China, large-scale exhibitions such as Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, most of the booths are relatively rare. Even the hard-to-reach venues are not superior venues. Under the squeeze of many big domestic brands, the effect is difficult Good. Second, big-name exhibitions, where the price of participation is high, and only one-third and one-fourth of the investment can be achieved at Suzhou Furniture Fair. Third, Suzhou Furniture Fair is tailor-made for medium-sized furniture companies. At the exhibition, we understand your needs best, and we can best meet your needs. Our biggest advantage is that we can focus enough, and as long as we focus, we can succeed. "
The Suzhou Furniture Fair is aimed at medium-sized furniture companies across the country, creating a professional communication and display platform for medium-sized furniture companies, helping them attack the second and third-tier markets and expand domestic demand. In the past two years, Suzhou Furniture Fair has continually surpassed and forged ahead, creating brilliant achievements one after another.
In order to let the furniture people present understand the Suzhou Furniture Fair more clearly, two short films about the Suzhou Furniture Fair were broadcast on the spot. For twenty minutes, the scene was silent, and everyone watched the video intently. The lights turned on again, and the applause continued for a long time. Everyone was moved by the difficult growth of Suzhou Furniture Fair, the perseverance and hard work of Suzhou Furniture Fair.
Ask questions on the spot and answer them one by one
After the short film was screened, the wonderful reproduction of many real pictures also aroused the more intense interest of the furniture people at the scene to the Suzhou Furniture Fair. As soon as Mr. Zhao Yixue finished his speech, the guests scrambled to start asking questions. Mr. Zhao Yixue responded carefully and carefully. The atmosphere was warm and harmonious.
On-site Q & A summary:
Q: How does the Suzhou Furniture Fair promote distributors?
A: One shopping mall and one shopping mall, one-on-one "carpet search" will deliver the invitation letter face to face to each furniture person. We are the first of its kind in this country to operate, and it is unique.
Q: The promotional video shows that there are more than 150,000 visitors at the 2010 Suzhou Furniture Fair, so what is the proportion of distributors in East China? What about other regions?
A: We have a set of data just calculated this year, which was requested by a professional survey and statistics company in Beijing: 55355 in Jiangsu, 40092 in Zhejiang, and 28907 in Shanghai. According to this rough statistics, there are about 120,000 people in East China, accounting for about 80%. Other provinces such as Guangdong, Fujian, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Anhui, Hunan, and Chongqing account for about 20% of the total. East China is the absolute mainstream.
Q: If we participate, how about cooperating with distributors to participate in the exhibition? How is cooperation best?
Answer: Discuss with the distributors, and stay with them, because our manufacturer gives him all the resources, and the booth fees and venue construction costs belong to the manufacturers themselves, so cooperate.
Q: There are also office furniture in Suzhou. Will the Suzhou Furniture Fair treat them equally?
Answer: Of course. We are an exhibition for the whole country, and naturally we will not treat them differently in the region. And there are not many office furniture in Suzhou, Hangzhou and Anji in Zhejiang are the real protagonists.

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