What if the wallpaper turns yellow?

  Question of Miss Chen Yongtai Garden

The decoration of the home has been for 5 years. The wallpaper is also affixed to the decoration. In the past two years, the walls have begun to turn yellow. What is the reason for this? Is the wallpaper quality too bad or what? It looks so ugly. What is the way to deal with it? If all of them are done again, it will be a lot of trouble!

  Supervision question

Wall-papers on the wall will have better decorative effects than paints. So more and more families now like to use wallpapers to decorate their houses. Although the wallpapers are beautiful, after many years of use, many people find that they have some There are signs of yellowing on the part of the wallpaper, affecting the appearance, but it is also unrealistic to remove the resurfacing as a whole. What should I do now? Here's how to teach Miss Chen how to deal with the problem of wallpaper turning yellow.

First, how does the wallpaper turn yellow?

1. If the wall ash at the time of check-in is wall-papered, the alkaline material in the wall ash may easily react with the bottom of the wallpaper, causing the surface to appear yellow. This phenomenon is more difficult to handle, and the wall surface needs to be removed and re-constructed. .

2. If yellowing occurs after living for several years, most of them are caused by the aging of paper due to exposure to sunlight and air. At this time, you can use “safely-bleached water” to wipe on the towel and wait for half an hour before use. Wipe again with clean water, first make a small test at the concealed part of the wall to observe the effect, and if the effect is satisfactory, it can be used as a whole wall treatment;

3, if smoked and part of the yellow, it is appropriate to dilute the caustic soda wipe.

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