A new leap in milling performance of titanium alloy

In order to meet the demanding requirements of titanium milling, Sandvik Coromant has introduced two new grades at a time. The introduction of these two new grades has pushed the processing reliability and blade life of titanium alloys to a new level. The grades S30T and S40T can be used for face milling, square shoulder milling, long edge milling and high feed milling, plunge milling, profiling and slot milling in the CoroMill milling cutter family.
Grade S30T increases milling speed and tool life. The grade S30T is focused on titanium milling. It combines the characteristics of micro-grain cemented carbide and wear-resistant PVD coatings. The sharp cutting edge has strong fatigue resistance and micro-cracking resistance, so it can get longer cutters at higher cutting speeds. Service life.
Grade S40T for difficult milling conditions The S40T was developed for difficult milling conditions. It consists of a high toughness carbide and a thin CVD coating. This grade can withstand vibration and other difficult conditions during cutting, resulting in longer cutting times. In addition, wear is predictable because the cutting edge is gradually blunt rather than cracked.

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