Home improvement wooden floor maintenance tips

After the installation of the Yangtze floor wood flooring, the next step is to pay attention to daily maintenance, if you properly maintain, not only will extend the floor life, but also to maintain a warm home environment, to create a warm home, Yangtze floor experts teach you to care for the floor .

First, in household cleaning, dry rubbing is better than wet rubbing. People always like to scrub the floor with a damp cloth. Experience shows that dry rubbing is better than wet rubbing. When using wet tow, it is better to wring the mop before use.

Second, after the rooms that have been renovated in the spring and summer season fall into the autumn, they may be dry and the temperature changes frequently. Water evaporation and material shrinkage will cause cracks and crevices in different degrees. Due to seasonal reasons, it is best not to repair the wooden floor problem immediately because it belongs to the normal physical changes of wood materials. Until the spring of next year, after the obvious change of the temperature difference between the four seasons, the problem of cracking and deformation of solid wood floors will no longer develop. repair.

Third, the air humidity in autumn and winter is relatively low, and the floor is easy to shrink and deform. Therefore, in order to ensure the smoothness of the floor as far as possible, heavy furniture should be avoided, and it is better to change the position of the furniture at a certain time. One can prevent the floor from stretching due to heavy pressure, and the other way is to avoid the floor being pressed by the furniture. Not ventilated, uneven dry and wet phenomenon.

Fourth, the climate is dry, the dust in the air is easy to increase, so the floor should be diligent in vacuuming, all kinds of floors need to be regularly dust, usually with a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, often stepped on the place to diligently vacuuming. Pay special attention to the hallway and the walkway leading to the outside. In addition, in order to prevent dust from entering the house, a dust pad can be placed at the entry.

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