New environmentally friendly aluminum alloy chromium-free passivation agent

The environmental friendly aluminum alloy chromium-free passivation liquid developed by Guangzhou Liming Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has been widely praised by customers since its application in the market.

For a long time, the domestic manufacturers of chromium-free passivation agent and foreign big brand manufacturers of products in the quality of a large gap between the main performance in the stability of the bath solution is poor, wide?攵哉庑┤ 攵哉庑┤ 荩 荩 阒 阒 阒 阒 阒 阒 naphthalene 19. Ping Jia Xing Xun, diameter, round, open, plastic, glutinous, glutinous, glutinous, and stalk.饩隽 饩隽 龀ぞ 龀ぞ 龀ぞ ? ? ? ? ? 的 的 的 的 的 的 惴 惴 惴 惴 惴 惴 惴

Guangzhou Liming Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained a national patent (Patent No.: ZL201110088811.8) and has been awarded a grant from the 2013 National Innovation Fund (Guoji No.2013.583).

Vulcanizing agent can make the rubber linear molecular into a three-dimensional network structure and mechanism through the vulcanizing agent of [bridging", so significantly improved the rubber mechanical and physical properties of rubber.

Ningbo Actmix produces a variety of Rubber Vulcanizing Agent. Our regular vulcanizing agent Actmix®S-80, Actmix®IS60-75, choose high quality powder, and filtered 80 mesh, with excellent dispersion for automotive rubber technical parts. Non-sulfur odor curing agent Actmix®CLD-80 , doesn't form N-nitrosamine, can substitute for Actmix®DTDM-80. Actmix®HMDC-70 & Actmix®TM-70 can be used for AEM/ACM as vulcanizing agent. Actmix®HVA-2-75(PDM-75) is a sulphur-free vulcanization agent, can be used for rubber cable, solve the copper wires due to exposure to sulfur vulcanizing agent generated black copper sulfide pollution problems.

Rubber Vulcanizing Agent

Rubber Vulcanizing Agent,Pre-dispersed Rubber Vulcanization,Rubber Vulcanization DTDM-80,EPDM-bound Rubber Vulcanization

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